Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Ph.D. Scholarship opportunities on urban resilience. May 2018

Ph.D. Scholarship opportunities on urban resilience

Any inquiry, please contact directly to Prof. David Sanderson david.sanderson@unsw.edu.au 

Pacific Island countries are fast-urbanisation, with unplanned, informal low-income settlements rapidly growing in size. Such growth increases the risk of disaster from natural hazards, which is worsened by climate change. To combat this, resilience has been widely adopted across the world, not least in Sustainable Development Goal 11 (‘the urban SDG’). 

This PhD concerns the practical application of resilience, including its policy implications, in low-income settlements in the Pacific. The work will link with current activities at UNSW. Key to the PhD will be employing multi-disciplinary approaches, such as social enterprise, urban design, social science and development.

 The ideal candidate will possess a combination of research and practical experience. They will need experience of qualitative data collection and analysis and of conducting research in different cultural contexts to enable the collection of data in a culturally sensitive and respectful manner. A good first degree in a relevant subject is needed. Ideally, they will also have had some practical experience of working in urban low-income settlements in the Pacific region.

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