Monday, September 17, 2018

Support for Real-World Experience. Alarm grows inside FEMA as administrator Brock Long fights for his job

I have the deepest respect, and admiration for academia and theorist.  Hands-on practitioners put theory to practice in real-world environment.  

FEMA Administrator 'MUST' be a hands-on practitioner from the field combined with academia.

Regrettably, Real world hands-on experience out weighs theory.  Real world is an ever changing environment that takes into account all systems internal and external environmental components on demand in life saving situations.

IG focus on insurance, mitigation, preparedness, continuity, and grant programs under Daniel Kaniewski should be focus. Leadership guides these groups.
This statement alone is questionable regarding relationship of DHS Secretary Kristen Nielsen and Daniel Kaniewski
'...She and Kaniewski are close friends and onetime housemates, according to three current and former colleagues.....'
Emergency Management is a non-political entity which follows the tenants of all responders primary imperative..."To Save Lives".  
As a veteran, and emergency manager a true leader leads by example, and knowing hands-on in the field obstacles that staff and personnel encounter.  The 'book' or policy is there to guide us in an ideal situation.  In real-world situations experience and knowledge comes into play.
If non-political I shall support FEMA Administrator Brock Long on those qualities alone.

Charles D. Sharp
CEO.  Black Emergency Managers Association International
Washington, D.C.

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The agency is without a deputy director and the third in command has little hands-on disaster management experience, Long’s allies say.

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