Saturday, September 15, 2018

Emergency Management Monitoring - Continuous Process. Virginia (VDEM) 2018 Audit Report

As part of our continuous effort to monitor services to communities for inclusion & diversity and overall community preparedness, planning, response, and recovery.  Emergency management office\agency audit and other related reports for U.S. States, Counties, territories, and other jurisdictions (counties, cities, etc.) will be added as a repository for our members to review as received.

The following is the recent completed audit report for the Commonwealth of Virginia, Audit of Selected Cycles for the Period July 1, 2016 Through June 30, 2018 internal controls and compliance related to federal grants management, specifically non-disaster related federal grants.  In addition financial management of Radiological Emergency Preparedness Funds were also reviewed.

Link (Auditor of Public Accounts.

During the current buildup from Hurricane\Storm Florence concerns for community preparedness, threats to nuclear facilities in the path of the storm, and the leadership of the Commonwealth of Virginia requested a pre-approved Presidential Disaster Declaration before the threat struck land were many of your concerns.

Please review this audit report if members of the Commonwealth of Virginia community.  As with all members in other jurisdictions keep in mind to review your local, State, county or other audit reports as posted and forward to BEMA International.


Charles D. Sharp

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