Saturday, September 22, 2018

Update #5: Situation Awareness. Gullah Nation response & recovery Hurricane\Storm Florence. Sepember 22, 2018

Response and recovery of the Gullah Nation from hurricane\storm Florence is an ongoing effort from flooding long after the storm has past.

Financially our communities are constantly stressed.  Give whatever and how much as possible.
Ask local buusiness, private industry to  adjust their profit margins and give back to communities in need. Ask local Home Depot, Lowes, Walmarts, and others to contribute.
Corporation, and private industry are not just a part of the community in good times, but when disasters strike.

BEMA International
Gullah Nation financial Support

@SierraClub fa supportin de @GullahGeechee!

You can donate to our rebuilding fund here:

You can also contribute to the on-going Gullah/Geechee Land Legacy Fund here:

Here is Queen Quet's (Gullah Nation leadership)
    Huffpost article during the storm

Here are some of the articles that have come out so far regarding what the Gullah/Geechee Nation is faced with even after the storms cease:

Tenki Tenki fa hunnuh support!

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