Tuesday, August 4, 2020

As a member of BEMA International. Your\Our contribution to COVID-19 and other research. August 4, 2020

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World Community Grid has hundreds of teams where you can contribute as part of a university, country, city, website community, or many, many other themes. Joining a team does not affect your individual contribution, but it does allow you to participate as part of a larger group. 
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OpenPandemics - COVID-19597,6281,0120:129:06:29:21
Microbiome Immunity Project560,4821,2320:118:11:29:43
Help Stop TB60,897210:011:09:45:23
FightAIDS@Home - Phase 288,195880:021:11:43:33
Mapping Cancer Markers727,3009580:163:15:57:20
Outsmart Ebola Together1,319,0899250:167:08:28:51
Smash Childhood Cancer13,395400:001:10:19:34

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