Thursday, August 25, 2011

NY, PA, NJ, CT Regional Integration Center (RIC). Intern Opportunity

The Regional Integration Center (RIC) is the operational arm of the RCPT, managing and executing the planning goals for the NY/NJ Area. The RIC is located near the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan and acts as a regional hub for the program. The core staff is composed of planners and project managers from multiple disciplines, with additional support and input coming from key emergency management personnel from around the region.
Essential RIC personnel and support:
  • RCP Team Members — Key Emergency Management figures throughout the region who provide knowledge and support and assist in the promotion of planning efforts
  • Program Managers — Oversee managerial functions of the RIC and coordinate key deliverables
  • Plan Advisors — Use their breadth of experience and planning knowledge to provide content to the planners
  • Plan Leads — Use their knowledge and experience to provide guidance to the planners
  • Plan Managers — Core personnel who aggregate and distill knowledge into cogent planning documents

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Sustainable Development Goals
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