Wednesday, October 26, 2011

REENTRY PROGRAM for Ex-Offenders & Disasters. ‘Whole Community Approach’

REENTRY PROGRAM for Ex-Offenders & Disasters.   ‘Whole Community Approach’
“Thinking outside the box.”
·        Can ex-offenders be utilized in all phases of the emergency management process for communities in recovering from disasters (natural, and man-made)?
·        Could the FEMI EMI community based online courses be used in the release\parole process, then be supplemented by direct Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training upon release so that these individuals are a vital resource welcomed back into the community?
·        Is this an under utilized resource for community recovery?

In developing your community programs utilize all available resources for planning and long-term recovery.  The whole community approach encompasses using all members of your community for recovery, and providing assistance.  Senior citizens, the disabled, individuals, families, and businesses in your area must be included in your efforts.

For grant and funding opportunities take into consideration long-term part-time positions using these individuals.


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