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Foreign Mission Projects

Kipsitet Baptist Church Clinic

The mission component of Nevertheless is operating locally and on the international level. Over the past fifteen years services have been provided locally that address the needs of mankind in many different capacities such as:  counseling, couching, mentoring, health services, government assistance, housing, community initiatives, funerals, counseling for weddings and ceremonies, senior services referrals, problem solving, services within the Social Security Administration, preaching, teaching, workshop and conference facilitator, and motivational speaking, and in helping the terminally ill and bereaved to come to an understanding that God has not forsaken them.  View 2011 Foreign Mission Trip Photo's
In 2005 Reverend Brown-Hall joined in with Dr. Larry Wayne Jordan, Pastor and Deacon James Thompson, Ph.d, of Maples Springs Baptist Church, 4131 Belt Road, Capitol Heights, MD 20743, by becoming apart of their foreign missions ministry in Africa. This ministry was later named “The Kericho, Kenya Foreign Missions Project.”  In 2006 she accompanied Dr. Jordan and Dr. Thompson to Africa for her first mission immersion.  Upon her arrival in Nairobi, Kenya she realized that God had called her to the foreign mission field to make a difference, and has retuned for the past 7 years to eagerly address the needs of the people.  Her love for mankind in Africa has bestowed upon her the name of “Che Bai Bai” which means the “Happy One”.
 In 2007, the Kericho Kenya Foreign Missions Project opened the doors of “The Kipsitet Baptist Church Medical Clinic in Kipsitet, Kenya (East Africa), to address the medical needs fo thousands that had gone unattended.  The clinic was funded by the following partners:  Maple Springs Baptist Church, Central Baptist Church of Camp Springs, Open Door Baptist Church, Zion Hill Baptist Church, Tabernacle Full Gospel Church, Sharon Witherspoon, Esquire, Catherine Kilonzo-Yara, RN, and Minister Deborah Boston.  As of today the clinic has seen over 200,000 people who have been treated for various illnesses such as infections, malaria, cuts, diabetes, high blood pressure, pregnancy, and many, many others.  The clinic is solely funded by donations and an annual fund raiser breakfast held by Nevertheless Outreach Ministry. The proceeds are used to purchase medication for the clinic and its upkeep.  The foreign missions component of Nevertheless Outreach Ministries, Inc., will be further enhanced, in the very near future, by the use of grant funds to increase the humanitarian services that the Kericho, Kenya Foreign Missions Project provide to the people of Africa. In addition, Rev Brown-Hall has traveled to Guyana, South America with the Lott Carey Foreign Missions Convention where she ministered, encouraged, and learned greatly from the people there.
This ministry maintains the services we provide in Kenya from the committed financial support of the following Mission Partners:
Maple Springs Baptist Church, Capitol Heights, MD
Dr. Larry W. Jordan, Pastor and Mission Coordinator/Dr. James Thompson, Mission Ambassador
Central Baptist Church of Camp Springs, Camp Springs, MD. Reverend John H. Parker, Senior Pastor/Reverend Lynda Brown-Hall, Mission Ambassador
Zion Hill Baptist Church, Washington, D.C., Elder Debra James, Pastor/Elder Aurora Delelspin-Jones, Missions Ambassador
Minister Deborah Boston, Shady Side, MD
Catherine Kilonza-Yara, Bowie MD
Tabernacle Full Gospel Church, Temple Hills, MD, Elder Doretha Best Pastor
Open Door Baptist Church, Washington, D.C., Reverend Bernard Taylor, Pastor
New Home Freewill Baptist Church, Washington, D.C., Dr. Ernestine Battle, Pastor
Morse Hall, III, Founder/CEO, On With Life Therapies, Inc., Washington, D.C.
Denelle Parker, Founder/CEO, Parker Events and Consulting, Newport News, VA
Salvation Music Ministry, Washington, D.C.
Annually we seek new mission partners to join us in our effort to serve the people of God who are less fortunate than we are.  Please consider joining us if you will.

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In addition to the Clinic, Nevertheless Outreach Ministry has spearheaded other projects as indicated:
Bone Marrow Drive 
Senior Living Placement  
Kericho Foreign Mission Kenya, East Africa
Michael& Niccole Jones Scholarship 
Who Cares for the Caregivers     
Annual Citywide Women's Conferenc
Senior Citizens Move to Freedom
What Are Your Wishes? (Wills, Estate Planning for seniors)
Kipsitet Widows Group Kenya, East Africa  read moreFurther reading
Abstinence Seminar for Teenage Girl
Strength for the Journey
Lott Carey Foreign Missions Convention

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