Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lott Carey Disaster Training. Friday, April 27, 1 - 5 and Saturday, April 28, 9 - 1.

Lott Carey Disaster Training being conducted by the American Red Cross (ARC).

Friday, April 27, 1 - 5 and Saturday, April 28, 9 - 1. 

It's one course just split into two parts; attendees will have to participate in both parts. 

The cost is $25 to cover meals and snacks. 

Our goal is be able to certify teams to be mobilized for local, regional and national disasters. Upon completion of next weekends training and a background check, those trained will become a part of the ARC Disaster Services Resources (DSHR) network of volunteers and will be able to begin preparations for the creation of distribution and feeding centers in our local churches throughout the mid-Atlantic area.

We have a network of individuals and churches trained in Louisiana and will be expanding program throughout the U.S. where our network of churches and partners are located. We are engaging ARC and FEMA in the process of positioning the African American Church to be prepared to respond proactively, efficiently and effectively to local, regional and national disasters.   

1. Disaster Overview
2. Community Services
2. Organizing the Shelter
3. Operating the Shelter
Shelter Operations in the Field:
a. Assigning Key Responsibilities
b. Shelter Manager Responsibilities
c. Registration Rsponsibilities
d. Dormitory Management Responsibilities
e. Providing Information
f.  Disaster Health Services
g. Other Client Services Responsibilities
h. Communications Responsibilities
i.  Staff and Volunteer Recruitment and Placement
j.  Material support
k. Assisting People with Disabilities
l.  Working with the Media
m. Donations
n.  Forms
o.  Closing of Shelter


In addition to registering with Lott Carey you will have to complete the ARC registration process below:

Register with Lott Carey (Disaster Training Only fee $25, limited to 50 registrants:

        Complete the attached registration form and fax it to: Kathi Reid - 202-543-6300

Steps to Register with ARC ($0): 

           The registration process will require completion of both sessions with the American Red Cross   
           (ARC).   In order to complete the training and start the certification process with the ARC, 
          you will be required to take both classes. 
·      Click on the links below to register for the classes.  (you may need to copy and paste the link into your browser):

Shelter Operations 4/27/2012 1pm-5pm

Shelter Simulation 4/28/2012 9am-1pm

·         You will be directed to

·         Click New User to register—for username enter your full email address
For assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk at                         866-272-6312             (the IT Desk will NOT be able to register you in this class. They are there to help you with getting a username or re-setting your password)

·         Once you are logged into the website you will be directed to a page that says Create order. The Shelter class will be listed in your Shopping Cart.

·         At bottom right, click on Place Order

·         You are automatically registered and will receive an immediate confirmation email.

·       You will need to do this for both classes Shelter Operations & Shelter Simulation.

         If you have any questions for the ARC please do not hesitate to contact them at this email address.

                                 Disaster Training Team
                                 American Red Cross
                                  in the National Capital Region
                                 Emergency and International Services

Please spread the word so that we can mobilize Lott Carey teams during national disasters and to prepare our churches as distribution centers for disaster relief.  Thank you.



Kathi L. Reid
Program Manager
African American Baptist Mission Collaboration
220 Eye Street N.E., Suite 220
Washington, D.C. 20002

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