Thursday, May 10, 2012

For love of Mothers. MADRE: Mothers's Day Emergency Fund.

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Dear Friend,

When I go to sleep at night, I’m grateful that my two boys are well fed, warm and safe from the dangers of war. They go to school each day. When they’re sick, I take them to the doctor.

And then I think of all the mothers I know in other countries, just as dedicated to their kids as I am, but not able to protect them. In ways large and small, you and I have worked together to make their burdens lighter.

Your Mother's Day gift to MADRE shows that you stand with them.

I think of the mother in a tent in Haiti who holds the whistle we gave her, as she watches her daughter sleep and listens for attackers. She knows that the other moms will come when she sounds the alarm, now that her whistle gives her the power to call for help.

Or the mom in Kenya who risks all to secret her daughter to one of our shelter schools to protect her from being forced into marriage.

Or the soon-to-be mother in Palestine who waits nervously for the midwife. Military roadblocks kept her from receiving prenatal care at the hospital. But the midwife—equipped with a birthing kit from MADRE—will safely deliver her new baby.

This is what we do—not just on Mother’s Day, but every day. We stand up for mothers, fierce defenders of their loved ones. Will you stand with them?

We’ve launched our Mother’s Day Emergency Fund.

All year long, unexpected crises befall women in our sister organizations—disasters that can’t be anticipated. Yet, we know we must always be ready when a mother calls for help.

MADRE’s Mother’s Day Emergency Fund makes sure we can respond. Just this week, I took an urgent call from our partner in Iraq. She told me about an activist facing death threats. We’re helping her find a means of escape for herself and her children.

Then, I spoke to our partner in Nicaragua. We made plans to replant the crops that her family depends on, after their bean harvest was swept away by recent floods.

We’ve committed to raise $15,000 for the Fund by May 31, to meet these needs and to answer other urgent calls for help. Will you help us?

Join me in supporting these mothers now. Make a gift in honor of a mom, stepmom, aunt who’s like a mom, or maybe just for any mom, now.

With gratitude,
Yifat Susskind
Executive Director

P.S. Any donation , of any size, helps us reach our goal of giving mothers the strength and resources to protect their kids. Please stand with us .

The Mothers of MADRE
“Here in the camp, we’re exposed to so many threats. My daughter’s safety means everything to me, so I work hard to protect her. Thank you for helping me.” – Martine, a mother in Haiti

“I wish I had education. But as a girl, I was given in marriage. But I managed to take my girls to school. So I have done something important in my life.” – Kinangare, a mother in Kenya

Your support of MADRE helps mothers worldwide. This Mother’s Day, let’s honor them together.

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