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Training Opportunity: Functional needs individuals. Autistic Individuals Fire Safety

ATTENTION:  Non-members of BEMA:
The following information is so vital for the protection of children with functional needs that I am compelled to forward this information to individuals and organizations as an unsolicited email.  Sorry for any interruption or sending unsolicited.
Thanks to David Ofwono for the contact and resource information from my initial inquiry.
Here is the URL directly to the site:
Please pass this information on to parents, and for those that need it in education, and first responder (Fire\EMS, Law Enforcement) circles.   All children are our future and need our protection.
BEMA is your association for networking and other opportunities.
Charles  D. Sharp 

Charles D. Sharp
Chief Executive
Black Emergency Managers Association   
"I Care...."
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From: David Ofwono []
Sent: Saturday, September 08, 2012 10:44 AM
Subject: RE: Assistance.....Functional needs individuals. Autistic Individuals Fire Safety.
Hi Charles,

I hope you are enjoying the weekend and not working like me. I have been pursuing this request because the subject matter is of interest to me. I realize that this request may be long resolved BUT just in case or for future reference this is what I have so far.

Hi Dave...Selena and I would be happy to help you in any way we can.  I am a retired Occupational Therapist (married to a retired fire chief) and Selena is the Pub. Ed person for Woodside Fire Protection District.  Woodside has a good website that has our program in it.  The program is called, When Words Are Not Enough and consists of a video, manual, poster and other materials.  There is also a good website that had an excellent Feb. newsletter with lots of experts on the topic of help for kids on the Autism Spectrum with regards to emergency situations.  It is called OAR (organization for Autism Research).  You can google it then get into their back issues of newsletters and see all the great ideas and programs existing.  Selena and I have one article in that issue that is part of the list.  Please contact either Selena or me if we can help you further.  Hope this is helpful. Glenda Fuge


Dave Ofwono

From: BEMA []
Sent: Friday, August 10, 2012 4:10 PM
Subject: Assistance.....Functional needs individuals. Autistic Individuals Fire Safety.

BEMA Network members (All):

Request to BEMA members before I send an inquiry outside of our network to the DHS\FEMA National Preparedness Forum.

One of our members in the Washington, D.C. area would like information or assistance as to whether the following is available:

      Subject:       Functional Needs Individuals.  Autistic children
          Need:       Fire Safety instructional material, drills, exercises, etc
1.        Autistic children to be instructed by parent in what to do if there is a fire
2.        Parents, teachers, adult supervision.
-Methods of teaching fire safety procedures to autistic children
-Use of drill, exercises, etc.
Type of Instruction:
1.        Games
2.        Drills
3.        Exercise
4.        Individual instruction
5.        Group instruction



Charles D. Sharp
Chief Executive
Black Emergency Managers Association   

"I Care...."

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