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2013 Summer Internship at Catalyst Partners (Washington D.C.)

Summer Internship at Catalyst Partners (Washington D.C.)

Call for Applications- Catalyst Partners, located in Washington D.C. 


As an intern for Catalyst Partners, you will have an opportunity to participate in a full range of business experience. The duties will run the spectrum from the drudgery of filing documents to the exhilaration of attending a congressional hearing. You will get to attend meetings with our partners, will be expected to monitor congressional activity and write reports on what occurs. You will have the opportunity to attend seminars and conferences and, on occasion, will be expected to perform administrative duties that support the office operation.  In the process you will be exposed to our firm's partners and will learn about the areas of homeland security and homeland defense where each have built a subject matter expertise - including maritime security, aviation and transportation security, liability protection for manufacturers of anti-terrorism technology and water system monitoring and protection from terrorist incidents.  Several years ago "The Hill" newspaper named our firm one of the top Homeland Security government relations firms in Washington DC. Our clients include Boeing, Travelocity, Honeywell, Raytheon and a host of small companies.

You will be expected to keep client information completely confidential and if you are required to write any reports as a condition of your internship, you will need to eliminate any reference to the client (unless given authorization before writing the report) and to the specific work that the client is performing, as such matters are highly sensitive and likely would affect the competitive environment in which they work.

You will be expected to work not less than 20 hours a week, although you are welcome to work longer if your schedule permits. We also encourage you to "see the sights" in Washington and get to know your way around town. That is part of being an intern in Washington DC. If there is an event that you want to attend, we will be as flexible as the business climate permits.

Finally, Catalyst believes in paying its interns on a contract basis. You will NOT be an employee of Catalyst. You will receive an IRS Form 1099 at the end of the calendar year and you will be responsible for paying whatever taxes are due based upon your earnings from Catalyst and what other sources of income you have.  In the past we have paid interns in the range of $10 - $15 per hour and the exact amount you will be paid will depend upon your previous experience as well upon the full scope of work that you will likely perform. We will negotiate this amount in advance of you starting your internship.

We expect you to bring a positive, flexible, entrepreneurial and inquisitive attitude to your work. That is how we approach our work and we expect you to fit into our firm's culture.

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Timeline: Deadline is December 8th. Internship is for the summer, and based in D.C. 

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