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Exercise\Training Opportunity: Jan. 2013. Local Supply Chain Capacity in a Crisis: A Regional Recovery Resource Exercise and Planning Summit

Local Supply Chain Capacity in a Crisis: A Regional Recovery Resource Exercise and Planning Summit
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About This Exercise and Summit    

When disaster strikes a community, fast delivery of resources is critical to efficient emergency operations, saving lives and shortening community recovery time. A better understanding of how supply chains operate both in normal and in emergency situations is necessary to continue to improve response and recovery.

Since Katrina, and using the most recent catastrophes and disasters as a guide, we can see that there have been many improvements to how vital resources get delivered post-event.  However, there remain the most difficult challenges, many of which seem un-resolvable.

Expert panelists will lead open innovative discussions between public, for-profit and not-for profit sector event participants to resolve the most difficult recovery resource delivery challenges remaining. The goal of this event is to promote a local supply chain capacity-focused approach to disaster resource planning and based on outcomes of this event to develop a Local Supply Chain Capacity Recommendation Report to guide this focus forward. 

This is a two-day event for emergency managers and professionals, grocers, retailers, financial institutions, medical suppliers and providers, participants in supply chain logistics, non-profit and faith-based resource distributors, and critical infrastructure stewards. 

Host   Arlington Office of Emergency Management

Partners   Northern Virginia Emergency Resource System (NVERS), All Hazards Consortium, and The Infrastructure Security Partnership (TISP)

Funding   Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Grant Program (RCPGP)

Event Format (Preliminary)    
This event is an open active exercise and discussion, between panelists and participants, exploring and developing tangible, pre-event remedies to what usually impedes the delivery of essential goods into the community.

Each Day 8:30 AM -3:00 PM 

Lunch Keynote-

Charley Shimanski, Senior VP Disaster Services, American Red Cross

Supply Chain Delivery Inter-Connectivity and Dependency Recommendation Session –

Jill Bossi, Chief Procurement Officer, Infrastructure Inter-Connectivity and Dependency Recommendation Session, American Red Cross

Location Details
Boeing Conference Center, located at:
1200 Wilson Boulevard, 
Arlington, VA 22209
For security and to establish a confidential environment, pre-registration is required. You will need a photo ID and your identity confirmed before you can enter the room.  Please allow additional time to be checked-in. Visitors must present photo identification.

Driving Directions
For your convenience there is a map with a link for directions on the left side of this event page.

Metro Directions
Take the Orange or Blue lines to the Rosslyn Metro stop. The Rosslyn Metro stop is between Ft. Myer Drive and North Moore Street. After exiting the Metro train, take the escalator to the top and go through the Metro ticket check. Then stay left to exit towards N. Moore Street. At N. Moore Street turn right and head towards Wilson Blvd. The Boeing office building is straight ahead at 1200 Wilson Blvd.

Note: Only Boeing Employees can park in the garage at 1200 Wilson. There are numerous public parking garages near the Boeing building.

For Additional Information

Charlotte Franklin

Deputy Coordinator
Arlington Office of Emergency Management
Direct: (703) 228-0593


Gary Lupton, Virginia 1st Group Burke & Herbert Bank

Ron Daly, CEO President,  Digital Mailer Communications  and  Executive Director
NCRFirst Group

• Marlene Roberts, Senior Specialist, Critical Infrastructure Protection, FDIC

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