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GET INVOLVED! LA County, California. Board & Commissions Opportunities

Departments, Commissions & Agencies

The structure of government in Los Angeles County is very complex, with 500 political districts having varying responsibilities and constituencies. These are sometimes referred to as "separate but related agencies." They may be city councils, school boards, transportation agencies, water districts, air quality districts, cemetery districts, sanitation boards, or a myriad of other special districts. Many are headed by elected officials, while others have appointed members. Additionally, within the County government, there are 37 departments and approximately 200 committees and commissions. Government of the people, by the people and for the people is an appropriate description for L.A. County.

List of Agencies

There are numerous agencies that perform services for residents that are not under the jurisdiction of the Board of Supervisors. These are sometimes referred to as county-related agencies.

There are 37 departments within the County of Los Angeles. Some report directly to the Board of Supervisors, while others report through the Chief Executive Officer.
Los Angeles County Organizational Chart
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The Board of Supervisors has established numerous committees and commissions to involve the public in County-related issues and to advise and make recommendations to the Board on those issues.
Commission Fact Sheets
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