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Dear CNCS grant recipients,
This is the first CNCS Office of Grants Management bulletin.  It highlights a few of many recent important events, announcements, and advice related to grant administration and financial management.  We hope to regularly bring these bulletins to you.
Here are a few items of note:
Criminal History Checks
In early October we started broadcasting criminal history check bulletins, with four issued so far.  If you would like to receive these important messages, be sure that you have signed up for them. As this message is being distributed through more than one list and/or to add others in your office please see item #4, below.   If you wish to obtain a copy of all of our releases, send an email with the subject line, “Bulletins To-Date Request” to
Recent NOFOs Released
Please remember that the 2013 AmeriCorps State and National Application Instructions have been published. Please be sure to get them in on time and if you have questions, feel free to contact the appropriate Program Officer for clarifying questions.
Reminder of the CHC (Criminal History Check) question and ASP (Alternative Search Protocol) email addresses 
Please remember that the Office of Grants Management (OGM) maintains two email addresses related to criminal history checks: for your questions, and for submitting your ASP requests. Please be sure to first discuss any questions with your CNCS assigned program officer and copy your program and grants officers on all correspondence related to this matter.
How to sign up for the CHC GovDelivery emails
If you, your staff or other colleagues wish to join this list, here’s a handy reference/how-to:
A. Visit our home page: and click next to the red envelope at the top of the page, in the middle, where it says: “Sign up for email updates”.
B. Enter your email address and click submit.
C. On the new page, re-enter your email address and click submit.
D. Click the box next to Criminal History Checks for National Service Programs under Subscription Topics and General CNCS Information. 
E. Consider joining other topics, as appropriate.
F. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Submit.
G. You should receive a subscription confirmation email.
Thank-you and keep up the good work!
Office of Grants Management

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