Monday, March 18, 2013

Webinar: Recording & Feedback. DoD-Civil EM Program Integration

The Webinar recording of the March 13th program, "Department of Defense - Civil Emergency Management Program Integration," with Ryan Broughton, CEM®, CBCP, Emergency Management Program Manager for Davis-Paige Management Systems, LLC, is now available. This is a large file and requires Windows Media Player or Windows Media Components for QuickTime or a similar product to view. The recording is also available in MP4 format for mobile users. The TranscriptAudio PodcastSlides, as well as Ratings and Comments are available from the Background Page. The Audio Podcast and MP4 recordings are also available from the iTunes Store.
Note: The Army EM Program all hazards mutual aid agreement (MAA) template is found at Appendix H and has been extracted and posted at  The Navy program manual also includes an MAA template at Appendix H pertaining to fire protection and hazardous materials response, which is available here.  These links are also available from the Background Page. 
Thanks to all who participated.  Please take a moment to rate this program for relevance and share your comments.

Our next program is scheduled for March 27th when we are very excited to present an update on the status of the Public Safety Broadband Network.  Our guest will be FirstNet Board Member Kevin McGinnis. Please make plans to join us then.

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