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FEMA: Contributing Ideas in support of the Risk MAP Production and Technical Services (PTS)

Contributing Ideas in support of the Risk MAP Production and Technical Services (PTS) Follow-On Acquisition

FEMA’s Federal Insurance & Mitigation Administration (FIMA) manages the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), the cornerstone of the nation’s strategy for preparing communities for flood disaster.  (Learn more about flood insurance at  NFIP was created to reduce flood damage by identifying risks, encouraging sound floodplain management, and providing a mechanism for the public to insure their investments.  FEMA and its governmental partners provide flood hazard data and maps to support flood insurance and floodplain management activities. 

To leverage the successes of previous programs and further enhance the usability and value of flood hazard mapping, FEMA developed the Risk Mapping, Assessment and Planning (Risk MAP) program.  Risk MAP combines flood hazard mapping, risk assessment tools and Hazard Mitigation Planning into one program.  This integrated program encourages beneficial partnerships and innovative uses of flood hazard and risk assessment data in order to minimize flood loss and build more resilient communities.

While the focus of Risk MAP is on flood hazard identification, risk assessment, and mitigation, working with communities to help them increase their resilience from all natural hazards is also a goal of the program.  Reducing risk to people and property from natural hazards and reducing a community’s long-term vulnerability may present additional opportunities that the community can leverage to create a safer tomorrow.

ideascaleFEMA is conducting Market Research in preparation of procuring the next Production & Technical Services (PTS) contracts and is investigating new Community Engagement and Risk Communication (CERC) options.   Specifically, FEMA is interested in ideas to improve the day-to-day design, execution and management of CERC campaigns, products and services to encourage our nation’s communities to increase awareness and take action to reduce the risk of loss of life and property from floods and natural other hazards.  In addition, FEMA is looking at ways to leverage technology to increase efficiency, cost effectiveness and usability in its products and services. 

FEMA would like to invite individuals and/or organizations to contribute to FEMA’s Market Research for the Risk MAP Production and Technical Services (PTS) Follow-On Acquisition. These instructions briefly discuss how to access the FEMA IdeaScale site located at, create an account, and participate in the Risk MAP PTS discussion. 
We’re innovating new technology & techniques to educate ourselves about what ideas, best practices and proven techniques may be available to support the Risk MAP PTS Follow-On Acquisition. To start contributing ideas in support of market research for the Risk MAP Production and Technical Services (PTS) follow-on acquisition, simply go to

To vote to Agree or Disagree and/or contribute to the conversations, just search for the “Risk MAP PTS” campaign under the list of campaigns along the left side of the webpage. Click on the Risk MAP PTS campaign to be directed to that page. Additionally, if you can’t find the Risk MAP PTS campaign on the left-hand side column, simply search for “Risk MAP” or “PTS” and the campaign should come up. We recommend posting your contributions anonymously so as not to sway the conversation or inhibit contributions from non-FEMA contributors. See more detailed instructions on how to register and participate in the site below.

Finally, we would appreciate it if you would share this site and these instructions with individuals or organizations whose inputs you think would benefit our Market Research. Since communication with industry is encouraged to conduct market research in advance of a solicitation per FAR Park 10 Market Research “Participating in interactive, on-line communication among industry, acquisition personnel, and customers”, feel free to distribute this invitation to entities outside the government. Our contracting officer is fully aware of, and supports this approach to conducting market research. Please note that the layout of the IdeaScale site may be different if you are accessing it using a mobile device.

Thanks for your participation!

FEMA Risk MAP Program 

IdeaScale Log-in Instructions In the upper right corner of the page there are options to Register or Log in. If you are a new user to FEMA’s IdeaScale website, you must register. For returning users, your existing login will allow you to access the site. To register on the FEMA Ideascale site, just provide an email address to access to the site. Once you have entered this information, you will receive an email from FEMA to verify your account. Open the email and follow the link that says “Yes, this is my email!” We recommend you begin your efforts with viewing the brief IdeaScale familiarization video on the IdeaScale homepage: remember to choose the “anonymous” option when providing your feedback.

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