Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New York Plans a High School of Emergency Management

BEMA Network Members and Non-Members: 

Does Mayor Bloomberg and the City of New York have to lead the country in foreseeing the future of what's right for their communities.  

There is a paradigm shift in all areas, and communities have to address issues that our elected officials and governments cannot fulfill for all.  To ensure to eliminate disparity in communities out-of-box thinking has to occur.

Great job!

Charles D. Sharp
CEO.  Black Emergency Managers Association
Washington, D.C.

New York Plans a High School of Emergency Management

Among the 78 new city schools Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced would open next fall will be the nation's first public high school of emergency management, one of the city's longer-term responses to Hurricane Sandy. According to NY1, the city worked with FEMA to plan the Urban Assembly School of Emergency Management, in which students will study things like meteorology, changes in flood zones, management, and communications. Not by coincidence, the school will open in a Manhattan school building that served as a shelter during the storm.

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