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Final LinkedIn Poll results: How do you feel about the NY City Decision to create a high school solely for emergency management education?

How do you feel about the NY City decision to create a high school solely for emergency management education?
By Black Emergency Managers Association Charles D. Sharp. Chief Executive.  •   29 votes  •  6 comments  •  Ended 05 May 2013
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Black Emergency
Black Emergency Managers Association • Ron, thank you for your comment. I agree every organization should be touting this. I especially like the comment regarding the use of CERT or SERT (Student Emergency Response Teams) and other training being taught in every school within the U.S. by Chris Ainsworth. This is not just a local issue, but a national issue of concern to everyone and every community. Every community have different threats and risks. Lesson plans can be designed to incorporate this within school jurisdictions. The Dept of Education, Emergency Management for Schools is a vital resource in ensuring that these types of curricula can be implemented in addition to just the creation\formulation of school emergency plans for a jurisdiction and higher education (colleges and universities) that these funds are currently being allocated for. $100k to $500k for an emergency plan? Then community involvement and curricula should be a vital part of the proposal for allocation of those funds. Communities are the key and both can play a vital role in ensuring communities are sustainable and resilient.

Charlie Fendt, MEP • The concept of a High school program of this nature is commendable. Any time you can capture young minds and promote emergency management, great things can happen for future generations. The one thing that concerns me about this endeavor is that New York state has very stringent requirements for teachers. I doubt you will find many qualified EM's and SME's that have not only the background in emergency management, but also hold the credentials to teach in in NYS, and if they are are qualified in Emergency management, One has to question just how much forethought was put into this announcement and if it is feasible, or just a political dream.
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Tameka Sharp • I think this is a fantastic idea as well; I see it being similar to performing arts high schools where students would gain the technical skills and preparation needed for careers in EM. I have read several news article and other posts about the announcement and none have indicated that it would be a school for black students only. I think BEMA is very excited about this announcement and is simply prompting discussion. If anyone has read differently, I would be interested in having the links.

Chris Ainsworth • A school whose focus is on EM fails to identify the many areas education of our youth need in life skills just to survive. A broader option would be to introduce CERT into the curriculum (it is only 20 hours) and have each school have a TEEN CERT team with members from all year levels. Teach them leadership, succession planning as they progress through the system, taking on new responsibilities each year, respect for team work and as a community the power of the united many achieves greater goals. The cost of setting up a single school for EM is elitist and sets the framework for long term demise of the the concepts of EM - which affects all the community. A disaster importunately is a great humanity leveller - your place in society does not matter - you are dependant upon the individual alongside you for survival. Spread the investment across all schools as a short term curriculum subject Just $0.02 of my thoughts , .
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Teresa Smith • I agree. Everyone of all races can benefit on the effectiveness on preparedness, response and recovery during an emergency event.
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Ron Tyler • i think that this is a great idea. However, I have issues that it is only the "Black Emergency Managers Association" That is touting it. Why are others not coming forward or being a part of this? If this is a school only for "black" students" then I object. This High School should be open for anyone that has an interest in helping their communities and this nation.

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