Friday, May 17, 2013

Youth Opportunity: Board of Directors. Age 16-22 yrs old.

 Impact Network News 

Apply to become a member of our Board of Directors and Alliance Trustees!
Calling all leaders aged 16-22! Do you care about the Five Promises and Grad Nation and like speaking your mind? Apply to be a full voting member of our Board of Directors or Alliance Trustees. Submit a video or essay on why you should be the voice of youth. If selected, you will attend meetings in Washington, DC and play an active role in the organization. Applications must be received by July 12, 2013. Access the application now!

Tell us your story about paying for college!
America's Promise is working with the Gates Foundation to help make the financial aid system work better for students. How can college be more affordable? How can consumers of financial aid make better decisions? Most important, how can financial aid help increase college completion rates? Selected stories, of no more than 400 words, will be featured on and in other materials to show how financial aid affects college choices, college life and life after graduation. As an extra incentive, a $50 Target gift card will be awarded to two people who submit completed stories. The deadline is June 3. Share your story!

About Impact Network
The Impact Network, an alliance of young leaders from across the nation, unites and empowers youth to take action through and with the support of America's Promise partners to address the challenges facing their communities. Impact Network members are crucial contributors to the principal goal of America's Promise--leveraging the Five Promises framework to help America's most disadvantaged youth and contributing to the Grad Nation campaign.  

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