Friday, June 14, 2013


The African Center for Disaster Studies has created a Knowledge Shop for Disaster Risk Reduction with the help of the USAID. There are already a number of modules available for download (once you have registered) in the Knowledge Shop

The ACDS together with USAID has decided to expand the total number of modules. This means that there are 13 new modules to be written. If you follow this link  you should be able to download the call for  proposals.

Please note that the date has been extended to the end of June 2013.

If you are having trouble downloading the file, please contact Mr. Gideon Wentink on for assistance.

Best regards The SASDiR Team


1. Orientation and background

The continuing conditions of disaster risk and subsequent disasters in the SADC region are a clear
indication of the dire need for appropriate skills and competencies in disaster and risk
management. The need for these appropriate skills is well known and becomes extremely clear on
perusal of the regional and national policy documents and frameworks on disaster risk reduction in
southern Africa. The need has also been identified by regional and national fora for standardised
training and education, which will assist in ensuring a common understanding of the dynamics of
disaster risk reduction, which will also promote uniform standards and application.

It is against this background that the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has
awarded funding to the African Centre for Disaster Studies (North-West University, Potchefstroom
Campus, South Africa) to provide support to develop a flexible, multi-sphere and trans-disciplinary
disaster risk reduction training programme aimed at various practitioners working in related
disaster reduction fields in South and southern Africa. This project runs over a five-year period and
commenced in 2010.

Initially, 37 knowledge products (modules) on disaster risk reduction related topics have been
identified and developed, and are available on the Disaster Risk Reduction Knowledge Shop on
the African Centre for Disaster Studies (ACDS) website:

During the development process of the initial knowledge products (modules) a further need has been identified to develop knowledge products (modules) on Disaster Response ‘issues’. During a strategic session, attended by experts in the field of Disaster Risk Reduction, 13 additional knowledge products (modules) on Disaster Response have been identified (see Table 1.1).

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