Tuesday, September 10, 2013

GEMA Reservist Program

Check the GEMA website for requirements for this program.


Georgia Emergency Management Agency/Homeland Security (GEMA) Reservists: Please view the video link for your authorized position(s). After viewing, email the time/date of completion to pao@gema.ga.gov .

The Georgia Emergency Management Agency/Homeland Security (GEMA) Reservist Program was developed “to build the state’s response capacity quickly” in the event of a catastrophic event. As a relatively small state agency with approximately 115 employees statewide, GEMA can quickly find itself needing back-up support when a significant incident requires state support for local governments.

Reservists possess the skills and experience needed to perform specialized tasks during an emergency response or recovery operation and are loaned to GEMA by local governments or state agencies not directly impacted or involved in the emergency. The arrangement works like mutual aid _ communities helping communities in time of need.

GEMA formalized the program in 2008 to include application forms, signed agreements and annual training or information sessions, either in the State Operations Centers or online. Reservists serve as public information officers, liaisons to local emergency operations centers, Disaster Recovery Center state managers, data input specialists, situation unit leaders, documentation unit leaders, volunteer/donation unit leaders, project reviewers, and preliminary damage assessment specialists.

To apply for the Reservist Program or for more information, please contact GEMA’s Public Affairs Office at 404-635-7020 or pao@gema.ga.gov.

Finance Division Reservists: Click Here

Operations Division Reservists: Click Here

Planning Division Reservists: Click Here

Public Affairs Division Reservists: Click Here

Public Assistance Reservists: Click Here

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