Thursday, October 10, 2013

International Food Policy Research Institute

As an emergency manager within your EOC (Emergency Operations Center) consideration for your Emergency Support Function (ESF) that handles water, and food should think 'outside of the box' that each of these areas may become a natural disaster within itself that will require coordination and our expertise in planning, and long-term recovery efforts for our communities.

International Food Policy Research Institute


Upcoming Events
The Challenge of Hunger: Building Resilience to Achieve Food & Nutrition Security. Speakers: Connell Foley (Concern Worldwide), Derek Headey (IFPRI), Wolfgang Jamann (Welthungerhilfe) - event/webcast Friday, Oct 18, 12:15 pm.

2020 roundtable discussion with Tom Arnold, Kathy Spahn, and Shenggen Fan - event/webcast Monday, Oct 21, 4:00pm.

IFPRI-WFP Policy Seminar “Cash, Food or Vouchers? Evidence from a Four-Country Experimental Study” with John Hoddinott (IFPRI) and Annalisa Conte (WFP) - event/webcast Wednesday, Oct 23, 12:15pm.

Book on methodology for including socioeconomic considerations in regulatory decisionmaking.

Book on the benefits, costs, and risks for African countries of adopting GM crops.

Annual Report
CGIAR Program on Agriculture for Nutrition and Health Annual Report.

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