Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Natural disasters and adaptation to climate change

*  Natural disasters and adaptation to climate change Boulter, Sarah; Palutikof, Jean; Karoly, David John; Guitart, Daniela (Eds.), 2013

This volume presents eighteen case studies of natural disasters from Australia, Europe, North America and developing countries. By comparing the impacts, it seeks to identify what moves people to adapt, which adaptive activities succeed and which fail, and the underlying reasons, and the factors that determine when adaptation is required and when simply bearing the impact may be the more appropriate response. Much has been written about the theory...

Themes: Climate Change; Disaster Risk Management; Economics of DRR; Environment; Food Security & Agriculture; Governance; Health & Health Facilities; Recovery; Water
Hazards: Cyclone; Drought; Earthquake; Flood; Heat Wave; Storm; Tsunami; Wild Fire

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