Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Community Need to Know: LEPC and TRI Pollution Prevention Search Tool in your area.

Check your community emergency management office\agency for their Local Emergency Planning Committee or LEPC for hazards in your community.  If no LEPC in your jurisdiction, 'WHY NOT?'

Try the Enhanced TRI Pollution Prevention Search Tool!

Do you know what industrial facilities in your area are doing to reduce toxic chemical pollution? 

Do you know how they measure up against other facilities across the country? We've expanded our TRI Pollution Prevention (P2) Search Tool, and its new interactive graphics show how facilities in your neighborhood compare to similar facilities across the country when it comes to pollution prevention progress.

You can also use the TRI P2 Search Tool to:
  • Track individual facility performance with respect to P2 and waste management;
  • Identify facilities that reported the largest reductions in toxic chemical releases;
  • Identify the P2 measures that were most effective for a given industry or chemical;
  • Compare waste management practices and trends for facilities within a sector; and
  • Overlay TRI charts with data from the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program (GHGRP) to get a more holistic picture of sustainability.
To learn more about TRI's P2 information, visit our P2 webpage
Screenshot of TRI P2 Search Tool Facility Comparison Report

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TRI - it's your right to know. For more information about EPA's Toxics Release Inventory:


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