Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Internship Opportnities: CP12 *Army Safety and Occupational Health Career Program

1. CP12 Intern process, a Fort Jackson P.O.C Vernell Sample 803-751-3625/6004 (tell her Rj referred you) )

Enter as an scholar...

2. Intern Selection Process Facts:

a. The intern selection process begins when an ACOM identifies the need for an intern.  All CP-12 interns are assigned to USACR/Safety Center, centrally managed, and placed at a primary duty location for training purposes.  Selection of a primary duty location is based, in large part, on assurance of placement of the graduating intern.

b. The intern positions are filled through the hiring practices of the Office of Personnel Management.  Job announcements are posted throughout the OPM system to all federal agencies.  Interested parties must submit their applications by mail to the address shown in the job announcement.  All needed information on how to apply is listed in the job announcement.

c. Interested applicants may locate the job announcement at the following links: or .  Search under series 0018 for Safety and Occupational Health job announcements 7/9/11. (See attached example)  The intern positions can also be accessed on the intern website:

US citizen college graduate with a GPA of 3.45 or higher on a 4.0 scale for all under-graduate work or have graduated in upper 10% of class or major university subdivision.

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