Monday, May 19, 2014

Cultural Competency, Knowledge, and Understanding.

Regrettably this is the start of psychological subconscious\conscious training that starts at the earliest age for young black youths due to a lack of cultural knowledge\understanding. 

Readers, you be the judge of what’s taking place for both the short and long term effects.


From: Andrew Williams Jr [
To: LiBugg
Subject: Young black students in Fresno and nationally need our help

Andrew Williams Jr.
On May 19, 2014 6:20 PM, "LiBugg"  wrote:

I re-read your email and attachments today hoping to stimulate my thoughts. I want to know how can I help the African American students I get to know while substitute teaching.  I teach in predominantly white and or Spanish districts.  Here is my experience today.

My heart was broken today.

A 3rd grade African American boy worked hard to get his weekly visiting English/drama teacher’s approval. Let's call him Jon.

He was one of two African American male students in a class of 26 (Mostly white.… Perhaps 5 Spanish).  The students prepared to stand up before the class and read their poems.  

I walked by Jon’s table and was impressed with his ability to memorize a poem …with inflection and pauses within 15 minutes.  

The visiting teacher then said, "I will pick the students who worked hard to come up first."   She called all the kids to come up and read their poems.  

Jon was called third to last and then another African American boy second to last.

I saw Jon's face when she got to the 15th student. It looked so sad.  I fought hard not to speak up for him. I had to watch it through to the end to be sure of what was taking place.    

When Jon did read, the teacher was looking down at her papers.  Again, this time I fought hard not to show my anger.  I had to be wise and careful (at this point).  When the teacher was alone, I told her he was one of the best, but called at the end (after she said the best would be called first).

Her response, “Well...He doesn't behave!"    

“Well, today he memorized a poem and did an excellent job, I replied.“  I did not see him misbehave and he was with me all day.  Later, I told Jon he did a great job. Then I made him and a another student (white girl) who did well.... captains of teams.  

It was all I could do for now!  

Nevertheless,  I see so many African American children misunderstood as I travel from school to school.  I  know other kids go through the same experiences…but there is a consistent experience with many (not all but many) African Americans.  That is, they are so misunderstood.  Something has to be done.      


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