Become a GHFP-II Fellow

The Global Health Fellows Program II(GHFP-II) is a five year cooperative agreement with the US Agency for International Development (USAID) implemented and managed by the Public Health Institute (PHI) in partnership with Global Health Corps, GlobeMed, Management Systems International and PYXERA Global.
GHFP-II fellows work in a variety of global health technical areas ranging from maternal and child health to nutrition to HIV/AIDS. Each fellow has a specific scope of work and placement site within USAID or with one of its implementing partners. GHFP-II fellows work full time for two years with the possibility of extending their fellowships for an additional two years. During their placements, fellows gain valuable experience and expertise in global health development. Placements are made both in Washington, DC and in developing countries.
Fellows work inside USAID offices in Washington, DC (the Agency’s headquarters), in the Agency’s missions throughout the world, or with Agency implementing partners (other government agencies, multilateral and non-governmental organizations). When a fellow works within the Agency, s/he does not have a direct employer-employee relationship with the Agency itself. Rather, GHFP-II fellows are employees of the Public Health Institute (PHI) and are bound by the rules and guidelines of PHI pertaining to salary, leave, benefits, travel, promotion, discipline and ethics, among others. GHFP-II fellows are legally supervised by a senior PHI staff member, and receive day-to-day operational direction, technical guidance and mentoring from an Onsite Manager at USAID. GHFP-II fellows frequently interact with GHFP-II and PHI staff through one-on-one meetings, social activities, professional development events, and career-oriented activities implemented by the program’s performance and career development team.
Each fellow is assigned a two-person GHFP-II support team – a PHI headquarters-based Participant Support Specialist (for operational support) and a Professional and Career Development Advisor (for performance management and professional development) – dedicated to supporting the fellow during his/her time with GHFP-II. Fellows also have regular interactions with other GHFP-II staff, including program leadership and partner organization staff.
Fellowships are announced throughout the year across both a broad spectrum of health disciplines, and a wide range of experience levels. All fellowships are posted on the GHFP-II website. Applicants are required to apply for fellowships through our online recruitment system. For information on how to apply, please go to the page detailing how to apply for a fellowship.