Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Free Online Training. Solar 101. By Teri Adaju. The Power of Green. Small Portable Generators


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GET INTO SOLAR! Power Of The Sun explained in a easy to learn and quick study way. SUN POWER!

1000's of people have been doing this course free live. Now its yours to Enjoy online. After doing this course you will have a basic and working Knowledge of Solar Power and its uses as Stand Alone Power either stationary or mobile. This course has application throughout life, including Entertainment! This course has taught many in a very short time to make small portable generators and apply for Green jobs.


  • SECTION 1:
    Electricity and Solar BASICS COURSE
    • 1
      Welcome to Solar 101 Please Do This First
    • 2
      Pre Solar Electrical Part One
    • 3
      Pre Solar Electrical Part Two
    • 4
      Pre Solar Electrical Part Three
    • 5
      Solar Introduction Do This First
      15 pages
    • 6
      Basic Solar Power Part One
    • 7
      Basic Solar Part Two
    • 8
      Basic Solar Part Three
    • 9
      Basic Solar Part Four
    • 10
      Basic Solar Part Five
    • 11
      Basic Solar - Batteries
    • 12
      Basic Solar Battery part two
    • 13
      Basic Solar Wiring Part One
    • 14
      Basic Solar Wiring Part Two
    • 15
      Basic Solar Wiring Part Three

    Tiana Adaju Green Panther AcademyFree Green Technology Education
    We provide both One on One and Group Education. Courses and Training in: Green Media & Entertainment - Solar - Wind - Hydro - Bio Fuels - Aquaponics - Permaculture - Hydroponics - Green House - Urban Gardening - Eco Building - Waste Management - Water Management - Sustainable Community Living. Power Of Green L.A. volunteer mentors include Engineers, Designers, Entertainment Execs & Creatives, Community Outreach personnel, Green Educators, Builders who help create & deliver our FREE curriculum open to all!

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    The Black Emergency Managers Association International support(s) the Sustainable Development Goals

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