Saturday, August 30, 2014

BEMA...Every Month is Preparedness Month.....September is National Preparedness Month

TO our members in Canada, South & Central America, the Caribbean, Cuba, Nigeria, Togo, Kenya, and the Middle-East join your U.S. members in planning a preparedness week or day in solidarity & unity of all our communities.

Join our members in Nigeria currently experiencing the devastating effect of the Ebola pandemic affecting the nations of West Africa, and in hope that all the member nations of the African continent select a scheduled date(s) to show solidarity & unity by joining Sierra Leone, Liberia, and others by voluntarily closing their borders, transportation sectors, and reviewing their public health plans and procedures to contain this disease.

September is a month of preparedness, and reflection on September 11, 2001 where the entire country reacted to a planned threat and shut-down all both internal and external transportation (airlines) sectors to contain a threat to ensure the nation, the constituents of the U.S., and world that the U.S. was safe.

Be safe, Be prepared.

Charles D. Sharp.  CEO.  Black Emergency Managers Association

September is National Preparedness Month - Be Disaster Aware, Take Action to Prepare.

During National Preparedness Month  you, your family, community and workplace can take action by planning a National PrepareAthon! Day on or around September 30th. Recommend that you use digital media tools as a way to promote National Preparedness Month, September 1-30th.

What you can do to promote National Preparedness Month:

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