Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Coping in Today's World: Community Psychological First Aid 8/22/2014 Hagerstown, Maryland.

AN UNRECOGNIZABLE a personal, family, community, and national level.

Are you, family, and community members under so much stress?

Ebola pandemic, climate change, race relations, water & food security issues, crime, violence in the Middle-East, the list goes on and on.

Check with your local public health agency\office for psychological first-aid training available. 


Coping in Today's World: Community Psychological First Aid


Region II - Hagerstown County

Start Time

8/22/2014 8:30 AM

End Time

8/22/2014 12:30 PM


 American Red Cross
1131 Conrad Court
Hagerstown, MD 21740

The purpose of the Community Psychological Frist Aid is to provide a set of steps and actions to be used by responders, helping professionals, and lay persons to: 
•Strengthen their own psychological resilience and that of their children,
•Enhance their capacity to recognize stress in adults and children and how people react to it
•Provide immediate support and introduce coping skills to neighbors, friends and members of their families and others by using psychological first aid.
By drawing on Red Cross expertise, this course can help families, friends, and neighbors provide better emotional support to one another in times of stress, crisis and disaster. Persons completing this course will be able to provide and teach community residents how to apply PFA to themselves, family members, friends and neighbors during times of distress. 

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