Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Situation Awareness 10/08/2014: Private Sector should be in the lead as a member of the Whole Community in West Africa

Check the date below.

Kind of late in the game.

Private sector should be in the lead in response, recovery, and mitigation for the future.


Private Sector Leadership and Ebola Crisis Response
11 December
New York, USA

The Global Compact will convene a special event in cooperation with the Ebola Private Sector Mobilisation Group (EPSMG), a coalition of over 35 companies with major assets and operations in West Africa mobilizing business resources to support front-line Ebola humanitarian relief efforts while also advocating for a more concerted global response to the outbreak and recovery. The Global Compact and EPSMG are appealing to CEOs to pledge support for Ebola eradication and take leadership within their own companies to help stop the spread of the virus disease and help communities and the economy recover. Along with counterparts from the UN, governments and civil society, CEOs will gather at this event to share examples of interventions by business to support the Ebola response, identify lessons learned, explore how successes can be replicated and discuss the role of business in long-term recovery. For more information, please

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