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South Sudan: Cholera Outbreak - Jun 2015

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South Sudan: Cholera Outbreak - Jun 2015


At the beginning of the rainy season in South Sudan, eight suspected and one confirmed cholera case were reported in Juba between 22 May and 4 Jun 2015, seven of which were in Juba Protection of Civilians (PoC) site. (UNICEF, 4 Jun 2015
Suspected cases of cholera continue to be reported in Juba and surrounding areas, with 73 cases and nine deaths as of 18 Jun (UNICEF, 18 Jun 2015). 
As of 22 Jun, a total of 189 cholera cases including 19 deaths (CFR 10%) had been reported from 44 villages in seven Payams of Juba County. On 23 Jun, the Ministry of Health declared an outbreak of cholera in Juba County. 
Following the declaration, the national cholera taskforce has been mandated to initiate concrete interventions for cholera prevention and control. (WHO/Govt, 22 Jun 2015)

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