Thursday, July 23, 2015

Internship Opportunities. IFRC. International Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies



The IFRC has a well-established and successful internship programme which provides students with valuable and relevant work experience within a lively and professional environment.

Top five reasons for an internship at the IFRC

Professional learning environment
As an intern at the IFRC, you will gain first-hand experience of what it is like to work for the world’s largest humanitarian organization.You will work alongside professionals who are experts in their field and from whom you will have ample opportunities to learn. At the same time, an internship at the IFRC will give you the chance to apply what you have learned in the course of your academic programme in a challenging, yet stimulating work setting.
Meaningful work
Opportunities to make a meaningful contribution to the work of your team will be offered, that is, if you recognize and are willing to grab them. Through your work, you could help bring about change in the lives of vulnerable people around the world.   
The IFRC is composed of a diverse network of individuals from all walks of life, who work across geographical boundaries to meet the needs of vulnerable people. Completing an internship at the IFRC will broaden your knowledge and may open the door to new opportunities as you gain access to the organization’s resources, foster new relationships, and widen your professional network. You will also be part of a dynamic intern and young professionals group composed of like-minded individuals with varying academic and cultural backgrounds. 
Internship allowance
The IFRC will offer a stipend to help cover expenses you will incur while completing the internship in return for your valuable contributions. The allowance is competitive relative to other humanitarian organizations. The amount of that allowance is established by the human resources department in Geneva or in the relevant zone office.
Personal/professional growth
In the course of your internship, you will have access to a myriad of learning opportunities that are made available. Many interns take part in workshops or enrol in online courses on ourLearning Platform either as part of their internship or for their own personal development.
More information on our Staff development page.
In addition to having access to the various learning opportunities that are available at the IFRC, you will meet with your supervisor to reflect on your experience at the conclusion of your internship. The evaluation will give you the opportunity to increase your level of self-awareness and plan your professional growth accordingly. It is our hope that with this new awareness you will reap the benefits of your internship experience long after it has ended.
Still contemplating whether to undertake an internship within the IFRC?

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