Sunday, July 19, 2015

Resiliency Building. Preparedness, Response, Recovery, Revitalization. Sierra Leone. Ebola Crisis

Resiliency building within the emergency management arena requires the involvement of all stakeholders:  pubic officials and agencies, nonprofit, faith-based, all private sector members, entrepreneurs are involved in rebuilding and revitalization efforts of any community from the U.S., Europe, and other communities throughout the world. 

Within your community what activities do corporations play in community engagement normal, and during disasters?

Continued relationship building does not end during a crisis, but increases the relationship of those affected during, and after the crisis.

The Social Progress Index (SPI), suffices as a functional measurement tool for social progress that could be utilized by all stakeholders for review and discussion on community resiliency building.

We at BEMA will be focusing in on those private sector contributions before, during, and after the Ebola crisis for the revitalization of those nations affected.

International Stakeholder (Category:  Mining.  Diamond Industry)
                        The Curse of Diamond Mining in Sierra Leone

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