Tuesday, July 28, 2015

State Department releases Trafficking in Persons Report. Orphaned children of Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone from Ebola Crisis. Address issue NOW rather then later.

There is an immediate need in addition to the revitalization and resiliency building of the nations affected by the Ebola crisis, there is an immediate need to address the children orphaned from this dreadful disease.  Children that have lost entire family members.  Children that have lost fathers, mothers, and other siblings.  Children left alone and homeless, some with no extended family members to care and provide the basic necessities to be members of their community.

Now is the time, not 3 to 5 years to collect data on abuses that have occurred to this individuals. But now is the time to consider integrating these individuals in the resiliency building efforts of their communities and nations.  These are truly the individuals with buy-in and ownership in the successful revitalization of their communities.

These are your future health care professionals.  Your doctors, nurses, nurses aids, x-ray and medical laboratory technicians, emergency managers, city planners, entrepreneurs, and small business owners, builders of the laboratories, and hospitals, that are the stakeholders that must be considered in rebuilding their nation.

Now is the time to act.


Charles D. Sharp
CEO.  Black Emergency Managers Association


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