Monday, August 17, 2015

Sustainable Development Goals. Where to Start?

ISSUE 2 - 14 August 2015

Where to Start

As we get ready for the SDGs to be formally adopted in September, there is a lot you can do. For any company seeking to be sustainable, it begins with operating with integrity – respecting fundamental responsibilities in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. The UN Global Compact’s Ten Principles provide a universal language for corporate sustainability and a framework to guide all businesses regardless of size, complexity or location.
The most fundamental contribution a company can make towards achieving societal priorities is to be financially successful while upholding a high standard of ethics and treatment of employees, the environment and the community. Doing business responsibly can be a tall order for companies of all sizes – whether a multinational with operations in 100 countries, a business heavily reliant on suppliers in markets with substandard norms, or a small company located in an under-developed or conflict-prone country.
The UN Global Compact has developed a 5-step guide that supports participants in integrating sustainability throughout their strategies and operations. Learn more.

Member States Reach Consensus on SDGs to be Adopted in September

On 2 August, the 193 UN Member States reached agreement on the document that will constitute the new sustainable development agenda, including the SDGs, that will be adopted this September by world leaders at the Sustainable Development Summit in New York.
Concluding a negotiating process that has spanned more than two years and has featured the unprecedented participation of civil society, countries agreed to an ambitious agenda that features 17 new sustainable development goals that aim to end poverty, promote prosperity and people’s well-being while protecting the environment by 2030.
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