Thursday, December 10, 2015

CERT Program Management. Start your program. Under community control.

Special Note: 

Establish a 4 person team in your community to attend both Program Manager and Train-the-trainer courses to establish your CERT Team of 20 or more individuals.

Many jurisdictions CERT Teams, management and coordination are under local law enforcement control.
Local law enforcement are one of the tools, and entities to coordinate your training, and response to disasters\emergencies.  

Control your CERT TEAM.  Utilize 'UNIFIED COMMAND' to hand-over incident command upon their and Fire\EMS arrival.

Contact your local Emergency Management Office\Agency to sponsor your application for training.


Course Name:
E0427 Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program Manager

March 3-4, 2016    (with Train-the-Trainer course)
May 12-13, 2016    (with Train-the-Trainer course)
June 24-25, 2016    (with Train-the-Trainer course)
August 18-19, 2016    (with Train-the-Trainer course)
September 29-30, 2016    (with Train-the-Trainer course)
This course prepares participants to establish and sustain an active local CERT program.
Course Name:
E0428 Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Train-the-Trainer

February 29-March 2, 2016
May 9-11, 2016
June 20-22, 2016
August 15-17, 2016
September 26-28, 2016
This course prepares participants to deliver FEMA’s CERT Basic Training course.

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