Saturday, January 23, 2016

On-site Training Opportunity. Feb-March 2016. Incident Operations. National Fire Academy.

EMS Personnel, Officers, and Supervisors:

We have openings in the 6-day class R0847: Emergency Medical Services Incident Operations at the National Fire Academy, February 28 to March 4, 2016. This class is part of our Volunteer Incentive Program, but is also open to combination and career departments.

If you are a member of a volunteer, combination or career department and have or will have responsibility for implementing the initial and early expanding EMS functions of an ICS at medium- or large-sized incidents, here is an opportunity for you.

In this 6-day course, EMS personnel/officers/supervisors review ICS and study proper incident command techniques for management of medium to large incidents involving multiple sick or injured patients. Topics covered include problem-solving and EMS functions within incident command, resource management, interagency and mutual aid, sizeup and strategy, tactics and action plans, EMS company operations, preincident preparation, incident organization, and strategic command.
More course information, including Student Selection Criteria and Prerequisites, can be found at
Here is the link to the application: Apply today!

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