Thursday, January 14, 2016

Washington, D.C. The HIVE Upcoming Events. January\February 2016

Hey Folks,
I am so excited about the events we have coming up at the HIVE 2.0. Before you dip out of town for the Holiday Weekend mark your calendar for these events.
January 26 - The Sales & Margin Entrepreneurship Class begins! This is a FREE class offered by The Hive 2.0 for students looking to build and improve their small business.
January 28 - Happy Hour & Social Networking evening. Join us for our monthly social time with entrepreneurs, small businesses and local agencies. Food and adult beverages served! 
February 4 - Sales & Margin in partnership with DLSBD will host "Intro to CBE" The OCTO Mobile Tech Lab will be onsite as well!

February 11 - Hive member Carrie-Ann will host a "How to write a Economic or Social Disadvantage Narrative for CBE/8a Certification" workshop
We have so many great things happening at The HIVE 2.0. visit our website and social media sites for more information. We are filling up our calendar for 2016 and would very much like to host an event with you.

Thanks to our sponsor Capital One for their continued support.  

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