Saturday, February 20, 2016

Information Sharing.....Individual, family, and community planning. TOOLKIT Neighborhood Disaster Planning

Whole community at work.
       Keep in mind at the neighborhood and community level private\business sector can lead.


Neighborhood Disaster Planning

We never think a disaster will strike our neighborhood or at least we hope it won’t!  However, it is not a question of if one will happen, but when.

The City of Los Angeles and its partner agencies and organizations have plans and resources ready to help!  
But, with over four million people in the City, rescuers may not be able to provide immediate support to every neighborhood in need. Neighbors should be prepared to help themselves for several days to weeks depending on the size of the disaster.
Take the first step to getting your neighborhood in a better position to prepare and bounce back from disaster by downloading our 5 Steps to Neighborhood Preparedness Toolkit. Included within this comprehensive resource set you will find.......... (More)

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