Sunday, April 10, 2016

Annual 7th Annual National Hmong American Farmers (NHAF) National Conference

Dear Friends of NHAF,

On April 29, 2016 in Fresno, CA at the Ramada Inn located at 324 East Shaw Ave, NHAF will be hosting our Annual 7th Annual NHAF National Conference. Participating will be many of the USDA National State Department Appointees and employees, agency leaders, CBO leadership was well as farmer leader members representing the Hmong, African American, Latino, Filipino and other farming communities. Last year's event included four farmers from Laos. There are many hands on activities designed for the ESL participants including USDA-SNAP-EBT sign up, loan application, programs share, and others.

NHAF is the first Hmong Community Based organization to solely focus its mission on the subject of Farming. As you know the Hmong people settled in the USA after assisting the American's during the Vietnam War. As our first generation parents were scatters across this great land many did not have the educational background, job training skills and spoke English well enough to enter the mainstream workplace and true excel and achieve the American Dream. In the 1980's many, many Hmong families settled in the Central of California, Fresno and began farming on .5-1 acre and since then our Hmong refugees have been feeding the world with the many locally Hmong/Asian Specialty Crop.

NHAF was founded in 2003 as the lone Hmong CBO to assist our community achieve the American Dream through agriculture/farming while assisting the elected officials, USDA and other governmental and CBO better understand the many positive contributions from the Hmong and the Hmong farming community as their have been many misunderstands that have escalated into troublesome times for both parties involve when their intentions are positive

If you should have any questions please feel free to contact me at 559-313-3339 or email at


Chukou Thao, E.D.
National Hmong American Farmers, Inc.
6366 N. Fig Garden Dr. Ste. 101A 
Fresno, CA  93722

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