Thursday, December 22, 2016

2016 to 2017 Homelessness. A national and international emergency event.

Homeless Migration

This holiday season focus on family, and friends.  We have to support each other. 

Homelessness is still an emergency event in many jurisdictions throughout the U.S., and internationally. 

Anything that occurs in Maryland, and Northern Virginia inadvertently affects Washington, D.C.  Homelessness in these jurisdictions are practically a revolving door with movement from one jurisdiction to the other.  From Maryland-to-DC, from DC-to-Maryland or even Virginia.

The nursing-home operation discharged patients without their consent once their Medicare coverage ran out, the lawsuit says. In many cases, residents were dropped off at homeless shelters or inadequate living facilities, according to the lawsuit.

Of the 35 who died this year, 17 had coveted housing vouchers but had not been able to find homes, underscoring the obstacles the homeless face even when bureaucracy is on their side.

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