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7th Annual Interfaith Memorial Service for Haiti’s Earthquake Victims Thursday January 12th 2017 at The Hamilton Customs House, NYC 1pm -5pm

Join IHOM for The 7th Annual Memorial for Haiti
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Join us at the 7th Annual Interfaith Memorial Service for Haiti’s Earthquake Victims
Thursday January 12th 2017  at The Hamilton Customs House
1pm -5pm
          As a proud Haitian, I believe we carry the strength and greatness of our ancestors with us and move in their honor throughout life’s many adversities. Even through natural disaster, we continue to push, both in the diaspora and on the mainland, to be better in every possible area we can. We continue to strive for our nation Haiti to become the pearl she once was and to inspire our brothers and sisters across the globe to do the same. It is with this goal, that we, The International Humanitarian Outreach Ministries, Inc. (IHOM) on this 7th Memorial of Haiti Earthquake, invite our brothers and sisters of other nations to join in our Interfaith Memorial Service to commemorate the lives of all those lost by natural disaster around the world.

          Haiti lost a nation within a Nation on January 12, 2010 when the South of Haiti was devastated by a magnitude 7.5 Earthquake in 35 seconds. Additionally, Hurricane Matthew has taken the lives of hundreds more beloved countrymen this past summer.  Haiti was a pivotal land and its inhabitants contributed so much to the rest of the world, that it's time she is recognized for that role and now help be a catalyst for healing for all our nations that have experienced loss like ours.  It is in this backdrop The International Humanitarian Outreach Ministries, Inc. cordially invites you to join us for The 7th Annual Interfaith Memorial Service for Haiti.  The memorial will take place in at The Alexander Hamilton US Customs House, 1 Bowling Green on Thursday January 12th 2016 at 1p-5p. A cocktail reception at 5pm will immediately follow.

         IHOM, in partnership with the City of New York’ Public Officials and other nonprofit organizations; has been successfully producing this event for the community since 2011. Our purpose is to memorialize the 350,000+ lives lost in the earthquake that decimated a few major cities in Haiti in 2010 as well as keep attention on the ongoing assistance Haiti needs while building support for programs that will sustain her future. The International Humanitarian Outreach Ministries (IHOM, Inc.) was formed out of the need to organize, mobilize and inspire stakeholder participation in addressing the Economic, Social and Cultural needs of the people of Haiti (both in the Diaspora and on the Mainland) as the whole world embarks on diverse avenues of recovery in Haiti's post-earthquake era. Your continued support helps us with this mission.

          Your participation and your partnership in sharing his upcoming event will help to galvanize our community by showing that we are not alone in the issues that arise, reminding us that Haitians have played an intricate part in history, and inspiring us to do so once again.

          We look forward to seeing you.

Henri J. Desrosiers, NP
Chairman & Founder

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