Sunday, February 12, 2017

2017. April 3-4. Local Food Impact Conference. George Washington Univ. Washington, D.C.

Food Security of national and worldwide security interest.

BEMA International.

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Free And Open To The Public
Livestreaming keynotes on April 3 and 4

What is the Local Foods Impact Conference all about?

Congressionally authorized grant and loan programs to support local food systems have expanded in recent years. Quantifying and evaluating the impacts of these programs is critical. The USDA Agricultural Marketing Service, in partnership with The George Washington University, will host a Local Food Impacts Conference April 3 and 4, 2017 in Washington DC. Please join us to explore how to best measure the impacts of local food investments, improve coordination across USDA agencies, and evaluate the extent to which disparate local food investments are complementary and reinforcing. Beyond metrics, this conference provides an opportunity to share local food stories with incoming members of the new Administration and Congress.

Jack Morton Auditorium at the George Washington University
801 21st Street Northwest

Washington  DC

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