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August 30, 2017. Increase Preparedness in our Communities

BEMA International members (Gulf Coast, Eastern Seaboard Region, other regions):

The current crisis affecting our communities in the Houston, Texas area has become the major focus for response, and recovery within the U.S.

Recommend to all members in the Gulf, Eastern Seaboard Region, and coastal areas to increase awareness, preparedness, and planning for natural disasters in your local communities.

TEST mass notifications and alert systems, use your local media sources in promoting disaster\emergency preparedness and planning. 

REVIEW you plans for vulnerable populations, and sheltering.

REVIEW with local telecommunications, and cell phone providers for continuation of service for the public for unpaid services with pre-paid and other plans.  Many individuals use their cell phones as their sole means of communication for information, and contact with family and friends.  Plan for a waiver period if emergency disaster declaration is declared.

INCREASE tempo for one, or two-day business continuity, and community preparedness education & training with CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) training.

INCREASE awareness, and education\training in local K12, and higher education colleges & universities.

PLAN for minimum and worst case scenarios in table-top, and planned exercises in your communities

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