Friday, September 22, 2017

HOT! Event. Saturday, 9/23/2017. "Surviving Crisis and Disasters" presentation at the 2017 California Congressional Black Caucus Delegation. BEMA International

Non-deployed BEMA International members in D.C. area plan to attend

Register at: .  Follow ‘REGISTRATION’ link to all events.  This event is free.


CONTACT: Alicia Hamilton
Universal Citizens Media Network
Phone: 424.248.7688

September 21, 2017, Washington, DC

California CBC Delegation Presents “Surviving Crisis and Disasters” at the Renaissance Marriott in Washington, DC

In consideration of the recent disastrous storms that have impacted millions of American nationwide, the California CBC Delegation is presenting “Surviving Crisis and Disasters” with Subject Matter Experts speaking on various aspects of emergency and disaster preparedness. 

Topics include; 
    -Environmental and Climate Justice by Ms. Jane English, NAACP, 
    -Preparing for Economic Threats by Bishop Clarence Harris, 
    -Global Threats and Hazards by Mr. Charles Sharp, 
              CEO Black Emergency Managers Association International, and 
    -Individual and Community Preparedness by Alicia Hamilton, 
              Founder of PAC RED,

The event will be held at The Renaissance Marriott at 999 9th Street, Washington DC, 2001 in the Renaissance Ballroom A on September 23, 2017 from 3:00PM to 5:00PM.  Register at: .  Follow ‘REGISTRATION’ link to all events.  This event is free.

PAC RED (Preparation and Awareness for Community Resiliency in Emergencies and Disasters), is a Non-Profit Organization based in the Los Angeles California. The organization works to help improve individual and community emergency preparedness, response and recovery in the event of a natural or man-made disaster through training, resource, relationship and capacity building.

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