Sunday, September 17, 2017

Recovery. DEBRIS Removal. Small business Community Service Opportunity, and Home Owner

Debris removal is an essential part of the recovery process from tornedoes, hurricanes, flooding, and even snow removal.

Community engagement planning, and overall emergency management planning must consider debris removal as a vital part of recovery. 

For small business transportation, hauling, and waste management companies this provides a vital service in your and neighboring communities recovery.  If interested register with your local emergency management, transportation, or other public agency for when times of disasters strike, your expertise is needed in recovery.

BEMA International

Small Business Contracting Opportunities (Nationally)

Debris Removal Contractor Registry Information
FEMA is no longer hosting the Debris Removal Contractor Registry in an effort to streamline the Federal government enterprise structure.

To replace this capability, you may use the contractor registry at hosted by the United States General Services Administration at the link provided below. provides a similar service to that provided by the Debris Removal Contractor Registry: contractors may register their business information on the site, including capabilities and locations served, and those seeking assistance from companies providing debris removal services may search for such companies on

The registry is available here:

Debris Removal – Homeowners
09/16/2017 03:38 PM EDT

FEMA has authorized Clean and Removal Assistance (CRA) for all designated counties in Texas for homeowners with disaster-related real property damage that do not qualify for Home Repair Assistance because the damage did not render the home uninhabitable.

This assistance is intended to prevent additional loss and potential health and safety concerns and reduce contamination from floodwater.

09/16/2017 05:15 PM EDT

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – As Floridians begin the cleanup process after Hurricane Irma, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) urges everyone to know the best way to remove debris from their property.

Don’t wait to clean up storm damage. Document damage with photos or videos.

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