Monday, October 30, 2017

FOIA for all. SITREPs and updates. Dominica, USVI, and Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico’s long-term recovery from 2017 hurricane disaster dominates the news outlets, and are bringing to light very interesting reconstruction issues in just one sector, the Energy Sector.

Other sectors in building a more resilient community for PR must be reviewed.

Not only for PR, but for all the other island nations of the Caribbean.  Water & food sectors are areas of vital concern, and the housing\compliance sectors are sectors that must be reviewed daily for transparency and innovative ideas with full ‘WHOLE COMMUNITY’ participation in building more resilient communities.

Thanks to all (news media, others) for bringing to light.  Public documents, are just that public documents.  FOIA  (Freedom of Information Act,,  are vital to all communities for transparency, and to address the issues of those responsible for our protection and interests, are truly protecting OUR INTERESTS, and OUR LIVES.

CDS  CEO BEMA International

Subject: We Are Dominica Inc. 
Press Conference of October 26 on Dominica Post-Hurricane Maria Relief- Video 
Hello Colleagues,

The We Are Dominica press conference video is up on YouTube. Share with others.

1.       Virgin Islands Territory Emergency Management Agency (VITEMA) site still in’maintenance’ for over one-year.

a.      Has VITEMA received any U.S. Federal DHS\FEMA funding in the last 2 to 5 years?   Mitigation, Fire or LE grants?
b.      If so, what were the funds intended for?
c.      Sheltering and evacuation planning?
d.      Travel?
e.      Staffing?
f.       Education& training?
g.      Community engagement?
h.      Is the Office of Tourism responsible for ‘re-entry’ planning for those citizens evacuated during the 2017 Hurricanes crisis as part of the USVI recovery plans?
i.        Where are the overall emergency planning documents for the USVI?

1.               Here's What's In That $300 Million Whitefish Contract

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