Friday, November 3, 2017

Once Again the World Stands with Cuba!

International Committee 
for Peace, Justice and Dignity

Once Again the  World  
Stands with Cuba!

The International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity congratulates the government and the Cuban people for their emphatic victory yesterday at the General Assembly of the United Nations in which 191 countries voted overwhelmingly for the 26 time, in favor of the Resolution "Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed by the United States against Cuba". Only two countries voted against it: the United States and its satellite Israel.

We reject the disrespectful and interventionist statement of Nikki Haley, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, that was cloaked in dishonesty and does not reflect the sentiments of the people of the U.S., the majority of whom support an end to the blockade. Her words were not only offensive to Cuba but  all member countries of the General Assembly. In her talk she insulted and mocked the great majority of the nations of the planet dismissing their overwhelming support for Cuba and calling the vote meaningless "political theater."

Her intervention not only revealed a new height of imperial arrogance and ignorance, but the absolute disdain for the entire international community. Large countries such as Russia, China, India to the small Jamaica, not only voted against the blockade but  had memorable interventions, that brought together the global political spectrum from the right, center and left, to express the need to end a failed policy that causes enormous suffering to the Cuban people and affects people  of the United States as well.

We denounce the arrogance and interference of the United States that pretends to have the right to decide about the life, the economy and the form of government of the small neighboring  Cuba that  forged its definitive independence on January 1, 1959. A historic act that the empire has never forgiven them for.

The United States lacks the moral character to talk about democracy and human rights, as it has emerged as the main violator. Its  endless wars of occupation has left millions dead, has destroyed a significant part of the heritage of humanity, and has caused hundreds of thousands of refugees, orphans and maimed. It possesses  the largest arsenal of nuclear weapons and is the main threat to peace. Behind each coup d'├ętat and targeted killing, behind the  torture and the prison camps, is the evil imprint of the United States.

While they are  busy filling the world with pain,  small, besieged and blocked Cuba for more than half a century, even under the most difficult circumstances, has constituted an example of dignity and international solidarity. Cuba has never occupied or threatened another country,  on the contrary it has helped them in their struggles for freedom including helping to put an end to the shameful regime of apartheid in Angola. Its medical and educational missions do not use lethal weapons, Cuba is synonymous with the love for humanity.

The cynicism and the interventionist appetite from the imperial representative mirrors an absence of dignity and honesty who, like her President, inspires a shadow of shame for the millions of people of the United States leaving the world in a stupor to witness in the most grotesque form  what the great US writer Gore Vidal once said,  "The United States is mired in its biggest political, ethical and moral crisis ". Never has the isolation and loneliness of the U.S. been greater.

Along with the government and the people of Cuba, and the millions of men and women of goodwill, represented in the 191 countries who said No More Blockade, we will continue denouncing, resisting and struggling for the end of a criminal and reactionary policy fueled by hate.

The blockade continues, the international solidarity must multiply now!

No to the Blockade! No to the occupation of Guantanamo! No to the regime change plans!

Cuba will be victorious!

Long Live a free, sovereign and Socialist  Cuba!

November 2, 2017

International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity

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